Tips for Having a Cheap Cruise Vacation


Yes, nowadays, many people like to travel and travel even they will spend lots money just to get to the place they want or to take the kind of vacation they desire. But being practical in traveling is can be necessary, especially if you want to travel to your desire place or experience but you are running out of your budgets. All you need to do is to take the chance of having bargains in a cruise traveling. Many travelers usually look for a cheaper trip as much as possible. They don’t care if they can only receive a kind of cabin that is not perfectly complete but the destination is all that matters.

How to find affordable cruises? When seeking for a budget travel experience on a cruise ship, it is usually pays to determine something about how the industry operates. If can understand various principles and considerations, it becomes easier and quicker to look for discounted cabins and the right destination to consider for your vacation.

If you are a beginner, you really need to be careful with the various offers that you are not totally sure about its service. It is important to take your first cruise tour gets off to the great start. Sometimes a bad start can lead you to a very nice and wonderful travel. Don’t just ask about your trip with some of the travelers. You might be thinking of consulting to a certified agent, which is much better to do.

In choosing an affordable cabin, most of the cruise ship needs to fill the empty ones before they start their journey. You can look for some of their cost effective cabins on its certain website and of those actually allow you to browse a floor plan of the ship and its cabins for a given itinerary. Some budget travelers rush to their departure port for a cruise, intent on getting out to sea and beginning the itinerary. In reality, some of the last minute cruise deals usually offer more discounts than the first discount they offer to the other travelers.

Getting a great price on a cruise is always fun. But of course, don’t expect to have complete on-board services. If you are looking for an affordable and satisfying cruises out of Houston to the destination you desire, you can get in touch with the MBD Vacations, a certified travel agency in Houston.

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Planning Cruises Vacation

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Are you looking for a cruise ship vacation at an unbelievable and affordable price this winter vacation? What are the best current cruise winter vacations? What are the possible cruises destinations to travel? There are so many exciting and incredible extreme-luxury cruise trips to choose from your location to your perfect winter getaway, such as the Caribbean, Europe, Africa, Norwegian places and a lot more.

Every time that a traveler wants to have his/her vacation in a peak season, it is more likely to choose a vacation that can complete your dreams but difficult to decide and to plan. Even those who often cruise ships during the winter months have their own personal desires among the best plans and cruise ship vacation in the world. Everything about your plans will be followed if you will just find a trusted and reliable travel agency that can perfectly provide your requirements in traveling. Just make sure that this travel agency has the list of the thousands of reviews from cruise travelers and can even give you the top ten cruise ship that may be you get interested in on your winter vacation.

MBD Vacations can probably assist you on your next winter cruise vacation whether you choose a luxury liner on the seas or a relaxing river cruise. We can provide the requirements you want to fulfill your memorable winter vacation. You can take cruises out of Houston going to specific destinations, such as the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Russia, the Netherlands, Asia, Africa and even all throughout the US.

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Safety Pointers to Remember for an Exciting Cruise Travel

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Are you planning to have a vacation and you want it different from your previous vacations? What kind of travel do you want on your next vacation? Thinking of a kind of trip is very difficult to process. But, if you have already fixed them all up, you will be felt so overwhelmed and very much excited for your upcoming trip.

One of the most memorable and very different traveling is in a cruise ship. At first, it is kind of risky one, but at the end it is kind of enjoyable trip. You will think before you book is a kind of a very challenging travel. Many people may seem to say that they don’t like traveling on cruise because it is merely not safe from various elements across the ocean. Do you remember the story of Titanic? It is one of the reasons why some of the travelers don’t like to take cruise trip. But, they don’t even know that this is one of the most enjoyable and memorable kind of travel.

Yes it is kind of scary, but how will you enjoy it, if you will just feel scared all the time during your travel. There are some safety reminders you can use while traveling.

  1. When you board a ship, you’ve typically handled a map, just study the layout. Give yourself time to you’re the entire ship if possible to be much aware of its areas.
  2. Check the cruise ship safety travel reminders you may be used in times of trouble during the trip. Expect the unexpected. We cannot say what will happen next while you are having your tour.
  3. Before the date of your travel. Some of the travel agencies usually conduct some travel orientation for the travelers, especially to those new.
  4. During your travel, there may be some safety drill you may be encountering. Instead of sitting beside the pool or lying down in your cabin, it is batter to take those activities to learn more safety tips.
  5. Be much aware to the safety equipments, in case of emergency. Most ships require life jackets at the drill. Life jackets can be found in closet of your cabin. You can still enjoy your trip but of course, you need to be more attentive and alert all the way on your trip.

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The Cruises From Houston

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“I want to take a trip around the world!” Traveling would not be cheap and not that easy. You always need to consider, what to pack, where to go and how much is your reservation. No matter what travel destinations you are considering, a cruise vacation is the best way to travel in comfort and style.

Are you already experiencing to have a cruise ship trip? Although you already experienced it you still need to consider so many things, whether you are new in this kind of trip or already a traveler many times. The first thing after the booking is the way about you pack your things. There are many tips you need to consider to have a perfect trip with a complete luggage.

  • First is you need to pack a change of clothes, and important medicines, toiletries or cosmetics.
  • You should need to know the dress code. While the other travelers are wearing elegant clothes or gown, semi-formal or formal attire, etc., and you are not, you will probably feel like outcast.
  • If you prefer to pack light luggage, make sure to read the cruise reviews, because not ship offer free Laundromats. However, laundry is one of the services that cruise lines usually offer but it can get more expensive for the passengers.
  • Don’t assume you can have a great or your favorite toiletries in your cabin. Basically, you will just find soap, shampoo, toothpaste and tissue or a towel.
  • In cruise ship traveling, it is more frequent to wear formal than others. So when you travel on the first day, you have to look first the kind of dress code others wearing. Don’t forget the right shoes or slippers you will carry or bring.
  • Don’t put too much on your luggage. Save some room in your suitcase to have a space for something you will buy unexpectedly on your destination.
  • The most important of all is to learn the basic method in traveling. Bring the important documents such as passport and visa. You need to make sure that you bring much cash for your trip. You need to bring some important items for an emergency like extra hangers, extra batteries, flashlights,  sunblock lotion, cameras, ear plugs, mobile phone charger, etc.

These are just some of the many reminders you should need to remember whenever you want to take cruise ship. You need to complete all the things you need.

So if you are ready to travel and you are looking for some cruises from Houston, be free to consult MBD Vacations at(281) 410-1778. We can provide good and satisfying offers that you will never forget for the rest of your life. Book now! “It is time to pack your bags and ready to go!”

Looking For Cheap Cruises Out Of Houston?

Aside from bargain hunting on the websites for major cruise companies, another method to cruise in a reasonable cost would be to choose a cruise that is less traditional in nature.  This means the small-cruise ships provided by ferry companies like P&O, or even the cruises out of Houston provided by small fleets of sailing ships, for example individuals that operates from Greece to Turkey.

First is dealing with the ferry companies, these offer some amazingly affordable deals, and are great for individuals searching for the cruise experience, but on the short break.  Major ferry companies frequently find that they must fill all the slots on their passenger ferries, especially during the out-of-season periods, and offering small-cruise ships is a great way of using this method.  In booking a small cruise you may also book and pay for your foods aboard ship.

Having to pay ahead of time gets you a better cost, and also the eat-all-you-can foods are usually of four stars quality.  You simply need to pay extra for those optional drinks which are offered at the table.  The small cruise usually includes transfers in the port towards the major sightseeing centers too.  P&O run some very enjoyable small-cruise ships from Hull, which provide you with a great day trip in the exciting cultural metropolis of Amsterdam, the distinctive port capital of Rotterdam, or even the quaint little Belgian town of Bruges.  P&O also run small-cruise ships from Portsmouth to Bilbao in Spain, and also the ferry company DFDS do similar small cruise ships to Norway and Denmark.

Going on cruise brings up pictures of being inside a large ship at ocean, but you will find several quite interesting river cruises available, for example Nile cruises, Danube cruises that brings you to Europe’s major metropolitan areas, as well as cruises on the superbly peaceful Norwegian fjords.  These are usually operated by smaller companies, and therefore are considerably less costly compared to major ocean cruise ships.

One kind of cruise that’s relatively affordable, but offers wonderful fun in the Aegean Ocean is the gulet cruise.  A gulet is a kind of Turkish yacht, and usually accommodates just 8 to 14 people.  You can participate in a gulet cruise from the Turkish marinas of Marmaris, Bodrum or Antalya, and costs are often based on a couple sharing a cabin.  Gulet cruise ships are certainly for that youthful and lively crowd, and costs usually include all food plus some drinks, which makes them an excellent good value.  Gulet cruises take in pretty little bays and inlets, in addition to going to attractive fishing towns, with lots of chance for getting a tan, scuba diving and hanging out.  Similar sailing holidays can be purchased from ports and marinas in Greece, as well as from the marinas of Croatia.

Enjoyable and casual cruises on sailing ships will also be found round the West Indies, Panama, Costa Rica, from companies that offers cruises like MBD Vacations.

So, there’s more to cruising than traditional luxury cruise ships and a few of these alternative offer great good value, together with a lot of fun and adventure.

MBD Vacations offers various vacation packages that will best suit your budget and preferences.  For more information about cruises out of Houston, visit our website!

Find Great Travel Deals


If you have been dreaming about your next vacation, but just don’t think you can afford it, you will be very surprised. It is very easy to find great travel deals that won’t break the bank! All you have to do is know what to look for, and you will find that you can save money and still go on the vacation of your dreams.

One of the most important things to think about when looking for a great travel deal is when you want to go. For example, if you want to go away during Christmas week, it will almost always be more expensive than going at almost any other time of the year. If you want to go to a Caribbean island in the middle of the cold winter, you will most always pay more than if you go at another time of year.

This leads to the second thing you need to think about. Where do you want to go? There are some locations that are just more inexpensive to travel to than others. Las Vegas for example is a destination that you can almost always find a great deal on. They want to make it relatively inexpensive for you to get there so that you can spend your money while you are there. On the other hand, places like Hawaii can be very expensive, first because of the airfare, and then once you are on the island most things are expensive as well. If you pick a location that is less expensive, you will be able to get a better deal overall.

If you can pick a time and location that go together well, especially if it is off-season, you will be able to find better deals then if you want to go when everyone else wants to go to the same travel destination.

Another great way to find a great travel deal is to look at multiple websites and talk to multiple travel agents. If you just look at one website, you might not realize that another one is having a sale and you can get the exact same trip for a lot less. By doing some comparison-shopping, you can save hundreds of dollars off of your next vacation.

If you want to find great travel deals, be flexible so that you can take advantage of whatever sale or deal comes up. Make sure you do a lot of comparison shopping, and before you know it…you will be on your dream vacation, without having to spend a lot of money!


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Cruising – Getting the Best Price


At Inside Cruise we like to keep cruisers in the know with all the latest cruise advice. So here are some of our top insider tips to help you get the best deals when it comes to booking your next cruise.

1. Booking your Cruise

It may seem logical to book your cruise directly with the cruise line, but this isn’t always going to get you the best price. You may find a travel agent can offer a discounted price on the same cruise which means great savings for you. But don’t make the mistake of assuming you will get the best quote simply by walking into your high street agent, come on, you have to do a little work to save you some money! Which leads me to my next point…?

2. Getting Quotes

Accepting the first price you are quoted won’t always get you the best deal. The key is to get prices from a few different companies. Travel agents work hard to earn commission on each sale, and the more they have to discount for you, means less money for them. Again, this is where a little hard work now pays off later. It seems just about every travel agent promises to price beat, so, take advantage and hunt around for the lowest price. When you have it, why not go back to the most helpful agent, and see if they can beat it? It’s not always just the lowest price you’re looking for; they offer onboard credit to selected agents on different dates on many of their cruises.

3. Customer Loyalty

It’s sad but true; loyalty does not always pay off. You may have received a great deal on your last cruise and have gone back to your same agent expecting another. It is still important to be ringing around. As an existing customer, these travel agents know they already have your custom, they also know you are less likely to be ringing other companies for prices. Obviously, this isn’t always the case, some agents will genuinely reward their loyal customers, but it’s always worth checking.

4. Booking Onboard

We have all been there; 13 nights into your fortnight holiday, and it all feels like it’s over far too soon. And, if it’s been really good, all you can think about is when you can come back again. Well, good news – on many cruises you will be given the opportunity to rebook a cruise onboard with the purser or at the future cruise desk. They may be offering discounted prices, onboard spending money and lower deposits to secure you’re booking there and then. If you do rebook onboard, but feel discounts and onboard credit still isn’t enough, once you get home, why not check a few prices offered by travel agents? If they can offer a further discount, you may be able to get the booking transferred to them. The best part is, you still get to keep any benefits offered to you for booking onboard whilst taking advantage of the lower price.

5. Cruise Only

It is becoming increasingly popular to tailor make your own cruise holiday, this not only gives you the luxury of flexibility with your travel plans, but can be a more cost effective way to holiday. 
It may be surprising to hear that when booking your cruise package (flights, hotel stays and transfers) with the cruise line, the flight can cost more than the cruise itself!

The idea is to get “cruise only”. This means you are just taking the cruise from the cruise line and will find alternative flights and hotels elsewhere. Your travel agent can then search around for you to find a suitable flight; transfer and hotel stay as required. This can save you a whole lot of money, and allow you to choose your preferred flight and hotel, too.

Importantly, by booking the flight through your travel agent, you will still be covered by their ATOL license which protects your travel plans, (something to check before booking) and, furthermore, they will be knowledgeable about transfer times and can book a flight that will get you to your destination in good time for your cruise.

6. Shore Excursions

My final tip is to do some research on the ports you will be visiting before you go. Yes, I’m afraid it involves a little work on your part, but its well worth doing.

It is easy to play it safe and go along with the sometimes pricy excursions offered by the cruise lines, and in many cases, an arranged excursion is a great, safe way to see places. However, often the destination is at the port, so you can explore yourself, or you may find it cheaper to hop in a taxi and head to places you really want to see and not the places the cruise lines want to take you. Also, be aware that if you pay for arranged excursions before you go, and they are cancelled, due to weather or a change in port of call on the itinerary, you may not be refunded.

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