Safety Tips for a Great Cruise Travel

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It is really very enjoyable and very exciting to have a tour that is definitely safe and no worries to feel and disappointments to face. It is said that cruise ship is one of the safest travel you can take a vacation. But we can never predict anything that we are unexpected to happen. Because in our current world, we can never say if someone will be surely safe or not wherever he may be. Of course, no one sets out to become a crime victim, but it can really happen to anyone. If you can travel safe and can return you’re safe and sound, well, you are really a fortunate one.

If you are having a cruise vacation, before you leave, make copies of your passport, driver’s license, credit cards, wallet contents and travel documents, including your pane tickets. You must need to include you contact numbers in case of stolen or lost. Leave the other copies at home with a trusted friends or a family member, and take the other set with you. You must need to keep it separately from the original copies. Buy an under-the-clothing money bag and use it. These can be quite comfortable, and will thwart “cut and run” thieves who have been known to cut purse straps or waist packs right off their victims.

Don’t buy expensive luggage that can be one of the attractive target of thieves. Most of the thieves will think that the content of an expensive luggage have expensive items inside. Don’t pack medications, eyeglasses, and valuables in your checked luggage. Better yet, don’t take valuables like expensive jewelry with you on the cruise. Although you need to put external (and internal) tags on your luggage, don’t list your full home address on the outside. This is a signal to expert thieves that you won’t be home for a week! You really don’t want to advertise to everyone at the airport where you live.

While traveling, you must be aware of to the cabin you are going to use. Check the bathroom and closet while the cabin door is still open. Make sure that you won’t leave expensive belongings lying around in your cabins. Remember that you need to check your wallet from time to time, or even few times in an hour and put your money or wallet in a cabin’s safe place.

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