The Importance of a Travel Agent

Traveling is one of the most exciting parts of our life. It can help you put some glow and meaning to your life. It can help you to enhance more and explore yourself to build the real you. With the help of a travel agency or a travel agent, you can definitely take a kind of vacation that you can be cherished and never forget for the rest of your life. So if you have the opportunity to have a trip abroad, don’t hesitate to grab it.

As we all know that a travel agency acts as an agent that sells travel products and services on the behalf of a supplier. When it comes to vacations, a travel agent usually has the skills and knowledge to provide the required travel of the travelers. Some people don’t think of getting a travel agent or consult in an agency, that they think they will pay for too many fees. But they don’t even think that these agents are the masterminds of having a perfect trip for a traveler.

Travel agents have the access to all the best and current travel deals or agencies, such as dealing with a short travel, better amenities, accommodations where you can stay while traveling, activities or possible schedules of places to visit and the travel packages. Moreover, they can recommend the best restaurants or Fast food chains in the area that are suitable into a traveler’s budget, as well as with the enjoyable activities a traveler may enjoy doing.

Travel agents can be the most responsible of your flight documents and schedule. If you encountered any flight delayed, flight cancellation and even document problems, your travel agency will be the one who will help you to solve your flight troubles as well as with rebooking situations.

You don’t need to think twice of hiring a travel agent if you really want to travel without any hassles and disappointments. To know more about certified and satisfying agents, especially travel agents in Houston, get in touch with the MBD Vacations that could take care of everything for your exciting, safe, and enjoyable tour.

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Important Roles of a Travel Agency


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When traveling or planning an expedition or a vacation, it is enough for some people to book for their travel and then pay. Of course, we must be aware of anything about the travel agency roles and the policy and packages they are offering as well as with the benefits you can get once you ask or accept for their service. We can only count some of the agencies that are really reliable and trusted. Some of them are very tricky. They just need to get benefits and insist their services even though it is not satisfying. So before you travel make sure that the travel agency you chose is certified and can guarantee you the full satisfaction you required for your travel.

A travel agency is a private retailer or public service that provides tourism related services to the public, such as airlines, car rentals, cruise lines, hotel accommodations, railways, and tour packages. It functions by the travel agents, selling travel products, and services on behalf of the supplier. But what are the most important roles does a travel agency must need to perform?

A travel agency must be aware of the potential outcome of their services and the prospect features that the travelers may enjoy with. They must need to improve their performance in mainstream tour operating, must know about how to create significant tactics and ideas on traveling, must be aware of the travel-related financial services especially the various charges, and need to give the overall benefits they can offer to their valued customers.  They must perform the proper major functions of their services.

Most of the travelers are looking for the travel agency that can provide all of the single point solution for their needs, such as travel information and options, facilitation of instant booking or cancellation, invoices, credit notes, and trusted and knowledgeable travel agents. You can book offline or online but make sure that you will ask or consult your acquaintances for recommendations. It is quite risky if you are not familiar with the travel agency you will choose, especially if you are a beginner in traveling.

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Planning Cruises Vacation

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Are you looking for a cruise ship vacation at an unbelievable and affordable price this winter vacation? What are the best current cruise winter vacations? What are the possible cruises destinations to travel? There are so many exciting and incredible extreme-luxury cruise trips to choose from your location to your perfect winter getaway, such as the Caribbean, Europe, Africa, Norwegian places and a lot more.

Every time that a traveler wants to have his/her vacation in a peak season, it is more likely to choose a vacation that can complete your dreams but difficult to decide and to plan. Even those who often cruise ships during the winter months have their own personal desires among the best plans and cruise ship vacation in the world. Everything about your plans will be followed if you will just find a trusted and reliable travel agency that can perfectly provide your requirements in traveling. Just make sure that this travel agency has the list of the thousands of reviews from cruise travelers and can even give you the top ten cruise ship that may be you get interested in on your winter vacation.

MBD Vacations can probably assist you on your next winter cruise vacation whether you choose a luxury liner on the seas or a relaxing river cruise. We can provide the requirements you want to fulfill your memorable winter vacation. You can take cruises out of Houston going to specific destinations, such as the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Russia, the Netherlands, Asia, Africa and even all throughout the US.

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All Inclusive Vacations Tips and Problems

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It is already winter and many people are so excited to have their winter vacation, especially outside the states or country. Some travelers are having hard time to choose in which country or place they are going to take their vacation. They want to know some of the tips in traveling and what kind of or possible problems they may encounter before or while traveling.

If you want to travel whether it is for the first time or a usual traveler, you must need to look for some tips and ideas as well as with potential issues you may encounter.

Tips and Ideas

  • You must be aware of some certain things you need like safety tips for travelers. You should read tips on foreign travel and travel warnings for the country or countries you plan to visit.
  • In any transaction, especially for your reservation, you must need to give your full name, date of birth, and gender at the time of booking for the purpose of watch-list screening.
  • When booking, you must be aware to ask for the items that are included or to the items that are not.
  • You must be aware to the policy and regulations if you will travel with children. This is very crucial for the children safety.
  • Be aware to the charges fee for checked and /or carry-on bags and have different baggage allowances and fees.

Common Problems

  • Medical standards and training of emergency responders and resort medical facilities vary greatly.
  • Late booking will charge you late booking fee with a certain amount per person.
  • Excess baggage will be left anywhere ate the airport or if your family is there, you leave the items with them. So you better checkout the baggage standard weight.
  • Check all the items you will bring, especially the important documents and pocket money. Some people have been encountered to miss their documents or to left them at home.

These tips and common issues are just some of the common you need to consider. Basic reminders are more crucial than any reminders that you don’t usually do or bring when you travel.

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Safety Pointers to Remember for an Exciting Cruise Travel

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Are you planning to have a vacation and you want it different from your previous vacations? What kind of travel do you want on your next vacation? Thinking of a kind of trip is very difficult to process. But, if you have already fixed them all up, you will be felt so overwhelmed and very much excited for your upcoming trip.

One of the most memorable and very different traveling is in a cruise ship. At first, it is kind of risky one, but at the end it is kind of enjoyable trip. You will think before you book is a kind of a very challenging travel. Many people may seem to say that they don’t like traveling on cruise because it is merely not safe from various elements across the ocean. Do you remember the story of Titanic? It is one of the reasons why some of the travelers don’t like to take cruise trip. But, they don’t even know that this is one of the most enjoyable and memorable kind of travel.

Yes it is kind of scary, but how will you enjoy it, if you will just feel scared all the time during your travel. There are some safety reminders you can use while traveling.

  1. When you board a ship, you’ve typically handled a map, just study the layout. Give yourself time to you’re the entire ship if possible to be much aware of its areas.
  2. Check the cruise ship safety travel reminders you may be used in times of trouble during the trip. Expect the unexpected. We cannot say what will happen next while you are having your tour.
  3. Before the date of your travel. Some of the travel agencies usually conduct some travel orientation for the travelers, especially to those new.
  4. During your travel, there may be some safety drill you may be encountering. Instead of sitting beside the pool or lying down in your cabin, it is batter to take those activities to learn more safety tips.
  5. Be much aware to the safety equipments, in case of emergency. Most ships require life jackets at the drill. Life jackets can be found in closet of your cabin. You can still enjoy your trip but of course, you need to be more attentive and alert all the way on your trip.

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Common Issues You Need to Consider in Traveling

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Traveling is one of the most very exciting parts of your life but it can be also considered as a very stressful one. Planning a travel is not that easy and very risky. You might be able to meet various troubles but if you are lucky, of course you won’t. Have you been experienced travel abroad? Have you already been encountered problems? What are the common problems does a traveler may be encountered when planning to have a trip? It is probably stressful and irritating, even more when things go wrong, is it right?

Here are the most common problems you must be aware of, especially if you will travel for the first time.

  1. It is potential to take wrong documents just before leaving. Because of the excitement, we do sometimes forget things that are merely important such as crucial documents for our flight or travel.
  2. Travelers often have trouble with their wallets, whether they misplaced or lost it, stolen, or even forgotten at home.
  3. You are ready, but your jet is not. You will spend your time waiting for the next flight if you encounter cancelled or delayed flights.
  4. One of the most common issues is the lost of traveler’s luggage. It is crucial to put or attach lost and found kit that can easily get your luggage back.
  5. Bad weather. If you encounter bad weather, of course it is possible to cancel your flight.
  6. Accommodation issue is very stressful, especially if you are already tired from your flight and you need to take a rest.
  7. Getting lost from nowhere or unknown city.
  8. You are ready to go but you get sick, that’s too terrible. You may be able to cancel your flight even though you don’t like but it is necessary.

If you don’t ask for assistance from one of the reliable and trusted travel agencies, you may be able to experience these problems. Travel agency can probably help you to organize well your plans to travel safely, perfect, and memorable.

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Travel Agents’ Duties and Skills

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How to find to seek a reliable travel agent nowadays? Can we trust them easily? What does the characteristics or personality do we need to find the right travel agent?

Before you look for an agent, it is better to ask first your family or friends for a good and satisfying recommendation. It is better to seek a good travel plans with your family to avoid serious problems and disappointments at the end. But if they cannot lead you to competent and trusted recommendation, well it is your time to seek it yourself. Before to deal with an agent, make sure that you will consider that following tips of travel agent skills and duties:


  • Collect payment for transportation and accommodations from the travelers.
  • Ask the customers their destination, mode of transportation, travel dates, financial considerations, and accommodation required.
  • Calculate the travel costs and accommodations.
  • Book transportation and hotel reservations.
  • Plan, describes and arrange itinerary tour packages and promotional travel incentives.
  • Provide customer with brochures and publications containing travel information.
  • Request transportation carrier tickets using the computer printer system.
  • Investigate complaints about safety issues.
  • Examine carrier operating rules, guidelines or carrier training or programs for the regulation and safety agreement.


A travel agent must be a well-organized, accurate, detail-oriented, professional, and courteous. Good writing and interpersonal skills as well as sales ability are also necessary. Some company is looking for an agent that has various related working experience by working as a receptionist or reservation clerks in some travel agencies. Many travel agents start their own businesses that do generally have prior experience working at an established agency.

If you want to travel this winter vacation and you are seeking for competent and trusted travel agents in Houston, MBD Vacations can provide agents you require. We can provide you skilled and experienced travel agents that travelers all over the Houston region have been proven for many years.

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