Are Travel Agents Dinosaurs?


Why not go direct instead of calling a Travel Agent? Good Question!

Five years ago, it had been predicted that travel agent was dying profession, and with the technology’s age, travel agents would not survived.  Well, here you go five years later and the agent community is alive and kicking.  Yes, it is a fact that booking an air travel ticket is really a commodity, so they are not the order takers they were in the past.  Tour agents in Houston will assist you in determining not just where the next vacation is going to be but they can help you weed with the piles of knowledge on the web and inform you what’s real what is actually not.

Why use a Travel Agent?

The greatest myth with travel agents is they charge for his or her services.  And typically, their services are complimentary.  Possibly not to for an airline ticket (because airlines have eliminate having to pay any commission), however for travel – for example cruise ships, tours and land packages, their commission is compensated by the vendor.  Meaning – travel agent’s services are FREE!

You can have the best DEAL by contacting MBD Vacations.  We do not work with any cruise line or travel company – we search all cruise companies to locate the finest deal to find the best available cabin during the time of booking.  The best part is travel agent will work for you personally even after paying the deposit.  So, if a cruise line lowers rate change, we call lower your cost.  When you book directly to the supplier, will the cruise line call you to let you know that there’s been a cost reduction? I doubt it!

A great agent may also provide advice – when you pull right into a port of call, ok now what? Attempt to Google “Mediterranean cruise” and you’ll see numerous results.  Yikes! Where would you start looking? Who’s legitimate and who is not? A great Tour operator will show you and allow you to know the most widely used site to determine or perhaps some hidden secrets they have uncovered on a trip.  When calling a cruise line directly, do you consider the individual who pick up the telephone can provide exactly the same advice?

Should you encounter trouble on the weekend on a trip, will the cruise line agent help? Most agents check their e-mail or voicemail throughout the weekend just in case of emergency.

Your time and effort is efficacious.  Give travel agents in Houston a call and inform them what trip you are looking at and let them to do everything.  Why spend a lot of your valued time searching the web or calling each cruise line? Call MBD Vacations and they’ll help you save money and time.

MBD Vacations offers various vacation packages that will best suit your budget and preferences.   For more information about travel agents in Houston, visit our visit us!


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