How to Work as a Travel agent

Travel Agency

Knowing your state laws is a must when beginning any business adventure. There are 14 states that require you to be licensed to run and operate a travel agency: Washington, Virginia, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Oregon, Ohio, New York, Maine, Iowa, Illinois, Hawaii, Florida, Delaware, and California.

Finding a school in one of these states is a must if this is the profession you choose. Luckily there are schools in most of these states. You could also do a search to find a school that allows you to take the classes online. If you go through a college near you, financial aid can assist you. To find out if the online schools offer this, you will need to contact them.

Next if you don’t want to go through a school that will allow you to take it from home, and yes they are accredited with the American Society of Travel Agents. And with payment plans it makes it a lot easier.

After School

Once you have taken your classes and become a certified travel agent you can now open a business, go to work for a business already open, or operate out of your home.

Check local statistics and make sure your investment to learning will be worth it in the long run. You can use America Career Info net to see how much you could make locally.

Keep your chin up; you could be the next orbits’

Watch out for companies just wanting your money!! There are so many out there it isn’t funny.

I was contacted years ago, almost buying into this, until I was told I needed to pay $1000 up front. When I went on the internet and searched, I found that my state was one of the 14 that required certification. I was floored; the woman that tried selling me this didn’t even know herself. She was just a work at home Mom trying to earn money. No one had told her this.

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