Easy and Effective Ways to Still Motion Sickness

Would you like to go deep sea fishing and spend more time reeling in fish than reeling with nausea? Would it be a thrill to forget about the sea-sickness bag during a wonderful cruise from Houston? Test these tips to help tame your travel troubles.

  1. Avoid reading. Reading a book may make those miles roll by faster, but if you’re prone to motion sickness, find a different way to pass the time.
  1. Cradle your head. When your head moves around, movements of the middle ear may cause motion sickness. Help keep your head and body still by pushing your head firmly against the headrest. For more comfort, use a pillow that conforms to your head and keeps it stable and motionless.
  1. Clear the air. Smoke and other strong or disagreeable odors can make your queasiness worse, so ask your traveling partners to hold off on smoking or using strong colognes. Also, get fresh air. If possible, roll down a window.
  1. Take a breath. Research finds that taking slow, deep breaths can help combat the symptoms of motion sickness.
  1. Eat light. Do not travel on an empty stomach. Eat a light meal about three hours before setting off, but avoid dairy products and foods high in protein, salt, or calories.
  1. Shrink from alcoholic drinks. Alcohol directly affects your sense of balance and can make motion sickness much worse. Delay drinking until you get where you are going.
  1. Rest before you roam. Get lots of rest before any trip that may cause motion sickness.
  1. Do not rock the boat. If you are on a boat, the closer to the center you can stay, the better. You will experience less movement there than near the edges of the boat. This is also true on airplanes.
  1. Learn this lemon law. Lemons may make you pucker up, but they’re also an astonishing remedy for motion sickness. If you feel queasy while riding in a car or boat, try sucking on a lemon wedge. It should help relieve the nausea.

Traveling by air or experiencing cruise from Houston should be fun and memorable. Prevent motion sickness by following the guidelines above. For more travel tips, visit http://mbdvacations.com/cruises.


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