How to be Safe in Public Transportations

While cars abound everywhere, taking a public transportation is an inevitable part of people’s lifestyles, especially when you are on a vacation in a foreign land. People usually take cabs because they are more convenient and private than buses or trains. It’s like having a personal car with a chauffeur at tow.

Despite these advantages however, taxi passengers must be careful and take precautionary methods to ensure their safety just as they would in any other public place. Here are some travel safety tips you need to consider when you are in a foreign country as suggested by a travel agency in Houston.

  1. Before calling for or hailing a taxicab, make sure you know your destination and how to get there. If you are not sure, ask someone knowledgeable so you’ll be sure of the route that should be taken by the driver.
  1. If possible, do not travel alone. Travel in groups. But if you must, ask someone to accompany you while you wait for a cab and ask him to take note of the taxi name and plate number.
  1. In hailing a cab, make sure it’s from a reputable company. Ask around which is reliable and which cabs to avoid.
  1. Before riding the cab, confirm with the driver that he will take you to your destination. Though not a correct practice, some drivers “choose” their passengers, reasoning out traffic situations and their convenience.
  1. If the driver agrees, sit on the back of the cab. Lock all the passenger doors, including the one in front. Take note of the company name and plate number and if possible, call someone to let them know.
  1. Make sure that the driver starts the meter as soon as you enter the cab. If he tries to bargain instead, get out of the cab immediately. Practices like that should not be tolerated. To make sure you are not cheated on the fare, find out how much one usually pays from where you come from to your destination.

Here are just some simple ways on hot to be safe while riding taxi cabs in other states or country. For more travel tips and advice from a travel agency in Houston, visit


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